Thursday, December 31, 2009

A blessed tiring week~

hi all! it's been a while for the muteness...i just come back for a bless tiring week.i'm curre
ntly in week 6 of psychiatric posting (alamak! exam dh nk dekat..ape pun xprepare), so there is a slot for military psychiatriy which i need to go to hosp terendak in kem terendak melaka.. such a nice place there~

the journey begin on sunday, we went to Hospital angkatan tentera in Kem syed sirajuddin, Gemas just to see the place where our mental health program would be held.

-program area-

then, drive to kem terendak and arrived there around 5.00 p.m. Kol(Dr.)Badli was kind enough to cancel the orientation and introduction of military psychiatry. we supposed to have class that nite but it has been canceled too~(sporting gile dr badli~suke!). as there is no class that nite, so we have decided to lepak and took some picture at the beach and the guys mandi laut tak hingat dunia

-operasi terjun gaye bebas-

- kitrg yg gembire -

the next day (monday n tuesday),we started our lecture, clinic and ward work. there are variety of cases in 94 HAT. most of them are neurosis cases which we hardly find in HKL ward. so this is our opportunity to learn about neurosis cases and military psychiatry. most of the patient that we encountered are having adjustment disorder, common in army maybe~

then, on wednesday we went to Hospital Permai, JB. the place is a bit different from hosp bahagia ulu kinta. in permai, the setting was homey like and the buildings are arranged continuously (rase mcm kt asrama sekolah je).but approach to the patient was basically the same.sgt permai tmpt tuh~

after coming back from hosp permai, we straight away go to hosp angkatan tentera at kem syed sirajuddin gemas.. basically we just need to set up our things and do rehearsal to make sure that everyone is aware of the flow on that day. thanks to encik2 askar yg tlg kitrg susun dewan and decorate the area.

on the day itself, we started a bit late due to some technical problem.. however, everything goes well and we successfully finished the program.. based on our title for that program " kemurungan sifar sasaran kita" we found out 25% of the participants have symptom of depression. so something should be done for them coz basically they don't know to whom should they share their problem and sometimes there is no one willing to hear their problem..

after all, this week is so tiring with all the traveling and driving. however, i have fun and and enjoy the military psychiatry posting...~ till now~

Friday, December 18, 2009

Salam Maal Hijrah


1 Muharram detik permulaan

Perkiraan tahun Islam Hijrah
Perpindahan Nabi dan umat islam
Dari kota Mekah ke kota Madinah..

Atas keyakinan dan Iman yang teguh
Kaum Muhajirin dan Ansar bersatu
Rela berkorban
Harta dan nyawa

Demi menegakkan Islam tercinta..

Hijrah itu pengorbanan

Hijrah itu perjuangan
Hijrah itu persaudaraan
Hijrah membentuk perpaduan

Oleh itu
Mari semua
Kita sambut Maal Hijrah

Tingkatkan semangat

Kibarkan syiar
Untuk sepanjang zaman.

. .........

Do you still remember this song..don't be surprise coz this is one of the "wajib" song that my team nasyid (caye x aku join nasyid dulu2) will be asked to perform during maal hijrah celebration in our school..thank god i still remember this song.. the lyric was so nice and meanigful..

Maal Hijrah (awal muharram) is an important day for us Muslim. the meaning of maal hijrah is migration. on this day, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W (our beloved prophet)migrated from Mekah to Madinah on the year 622A.D.

This is the new year for Muslims in another word, this is the first day in Muslim calendar. so, as usual, new year means a starting point for us people to aim for the best and be a better person. this is our time to evaluate inner-self on our self achievement.


my wish list for this year

short term:
  1. to improve my inner-self
  2. to pass my clinical year 4 with flying colours
  3. to be able to meet my family at least once a month
  4. to read Quran after Solat 5x per day (previously only manage to do it after subuh and magrib..kdg2 after isyak)
  5. less in gossips, join gossip or hear other people gossiping (sgt susah nak elak!!)
  6. to read more religious book (sirah, hadis,philosophy or anything) <-- (minat nak sgt mls nak bace..apekah???) oleh itu, encik iskandar..nnt awk cerite kat sy lgi k..
  7. to have a meaningful day of everyday life

long term:
  1. to be a save muslimah doctor /specialist
  2. to be an idol for everyone i met
  3. to be a better child for my parents and families
  4. to get married by the end of 2011 and live happily ever after with encik iskandar (sile hantar rombongan cpt2 ye is..)
  5. to bring my parents for Haj
  6. to buy a car for my dad ( his dream car)
  7. to open a cafe/ do bussiness
  8. to bring my families for a vacation with my own money
  9. to give a smile even when i'm hurt
  10. to end my life with people i love sit besides me
  11. the list goes on as i still alive

Monday, December 14, 2009

happy birthday zaa...





12.12.09 was zaara'a birthday..she is one of my groupmate in clinical year 4.. so, me and my fellow grupmate were celebrating her 22nd birthday at Relax Restaurant.. initially zaa doesn't want to come..she doesn't know about our plan actually...kredit to dee setelah memujuk beberapa kali..cair gak die ngn godaan pujukan dee..hah amik ko

she was suprise to see the yummy cake and the presents.. ikan emas and kucing kelabu adalah hadiah utk tahun ni...( ko mmg ade tema ek..tahun ni hadiah binatang je sume)..

lg happening when the DJ in that restaurant start to on air and konon2 buat mcm kitrg sampaikan ucapan utk zaa..konon jela ek.. and yg wat lagi happening bile DJ tu on kan lagu happy birthday versi melayu, english and hindustan.... so zaa..hope u really enjoy today....and happy 22nd birthday!!! may all ur wishes and dreams come true!!!!

selamat pengantin baru abg pian!!!!

Selamat Pengantin Baru Abg Pian!!!! was so happy that finally u're destine to be with Kak Maz.. after a long wait and through out many hurdle, now she is yours..and finally i have meet ur beautiful girlfriend forever.. (abg mmg xpenah tunjuk gmbr kak maz kat sape2)

how do I know abg pian..?? hurm, we first met when i was in Odessa, Ukraine. He arrives odessa 2 months late from my group. at first, i thought he was sombong as he is older than me..yela, mane nak kawan ngn budak2 kecik cam kitrg..but after all, he was really cool and caring..

i still remember that he used to call and wakes me up in the middle of the night as i love to stay up at night during winter and abg will call me after he finishes his revision.. he likes to cook for his adek2..abg, miss ur nasi lemak =)

picnic at the black sea

too many cheerful moments we odessian have going through together. we play snow war, play basketball during autumn, picnic during autumn (sejuk ok!!), dinner at chinese restauraunt and the best thing is lepak in abg's room with the rest sambil minum2 teh at balcony..

may ur wedding be blessed by Him..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

anne!!!!!!!!!!! congratz dear

weekend started early dis week...thanks to birthday sultan selangor !!! yeay..dpt3 hari i go..what happened this week was my bestfriend wedding...majlis akad was held in her house in Keramat started at 9 a.m...sume nye sgt punctual ok...

i arrived K.L on thursday nite (ceh, mcm la jauh sgt rumah sewa aku ngn KL).. over nite at hotel putra muda with artok n cuda were ok overall...sume sgt penat, we fall asleep after having short chatting on the bed..

the next day (friday) we went to anne's house (pengantin perempuan yg jelita)..menyibuk sket2 before the akad started. i enjoy all the moments with besties as dayang-dayang anne..sgt terharu ngn Dr. cueda, Dr. yan, and Dr. nuai (sume doctor2 itu bestfren saye!!) yg sanggup amik cuti utk menghadiri our bestfriend wedding...(
nnt majlis aku korg amik cuti lagi k)..

kitrg punye tugas as dayang2 just angkat2 brg hantaran and bg doorgift utk tetamu yg hadir..yg lain2 keje kitrg posing and take picture je.. majlis went well with only satu lafaz akad je..wah, sure si faiz ni dah berbulan prektis... majlis agak sebak setelah anne sah bergelar isteri..yela, sesape pun yg dah sah bernikah, si gadis bukan lagi hak parents, si gadis kini hak si suami..
siyes, aku pun nangis anne.. really happy for both of you..=)

ni sessi menyibuk kacau mak andam

pose sket ngn pengantin

reception was held in Centrum Hall setiawangsa...sgt grand ok!!! anne sgt cantik =) (jelesnye...nk kawin jugak) ..everything was great except for the food... i mean, we need to wait in a super panjang punye barisan..but the food was delicious..kenyang !!!

newly wedded couple

us with pengantin

now, i'm waiting for my turn ...bile ye tuh...? hurm sy pun tak tau..semoga ikatan kasih sayang sy dan die berkekalan hingga ke akhirnye...semoge jodoh kami dipercepatkan dan kasih syg ni berkekalan...kamu2 semua sile doakan kami ye..=)

the sayangness...

Sunday, December 6, 2009


hey all...sure korg pelik nape gmbr patung emas ni yg tetibe jadi santapan mata. actually, i went to this place " Batu Caves" last saturday..don't get me wrong k..pergi sana bukan nak gi pecahkan kelapa or smbhyg, tujuan ke sana sbb dah bosan kuar date kat shopping2 complex, tgk wyg or gi window shoppin' kitrg berdua pun menghabiskan masa gi kire tangge yg ade kat sane (padahal mmg dh siap tulis ade bape tangge kt tagge tu)..memule ingtkan cam penatla sgt nak naik tangge yg byk bile dah panjat, cam ok maksudnye aku ni still NYHA class I la kan..yes! still body fitness! huhuhuhuh~

kind of interesting actually to see all the "patung-patung" least i learned something about Hindu's culture. now i know why there are various form of their God. every each of them has their own story behind it. serious, before this mmg tak tahu ape2 pasal patung2 at least i have learned something about their Gods..wah! semangat 1Malaysia nampaknye~~ i thing the best part is in the Batu caves villa.. why i said it is interesting..sbbnye, semua patung2 dlm tu di ukir dari dinding gua and it seems real..then ade lagi binatang yg pelik2 dlm villa tu..(xde gmbr sbb camera out of battery)

so, if you guys wanna know details, it is not a waste to went there.. at least when people ask u ' dah penah gi batu caves tak' and u can proudly say YES...ahahaa...

then, kitrg gi karaoke and have, seharian berjalan and sgt penah dah..till here then...happy sunday!

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