Monday, November 23, 2009

psychiatry posting's been a long time x update blog ni..berhabuk dah pun..haacuuum...!!!~~ so this entry will be about first day in psychiatry posting.. not much for's only an introduction and a lecture regarding phenomenology in psychiatry..korg tau ke ape maksud phenomenology tu..(jgn malas2..sile google!!!) basically today juz need to familiarized with some term that always been used in psychiatry..

then, we had orientation in HKL which mainly to the psychiatric ward and clinic..first time masuk psy ward rase cam ade satu aura yang cam seram2 sejuk..korg sure xpaham kan..all patient in the ward staring at you like you're some kind of alien or strangers to them..kelakar jugakla perasaan tu..nasib td masuk ward ramai2 with whole big rase safe jugak la.

tapi td ade one part yg cm mule2 takut, tp kelakar pun ye jugak..when all of us enter the ward, all of them stop doing their activity and ramai2 dtg serbu kitrg and siap ade yg salam..yg kelakar nye ngn dak laki diorg juz salam2 biasa tp ngn we all the gurlz ni ade patient tu siap cium tangan cam artist je kitrg ni..ahaha..little bit strange for me but it was a new experience which i will never forget..

so juz hope this posting will be more exciting than previous one! yes..semangat baru! go go psy!!!! till now~

Sunday, November 1, 2009


let the tears flow when it needs be...pernah tak korg rase nak menangis sampai kering air mata?? tak salah utk mengalirkan air mata jika itu je yg dpt buat hati rase sedikit tenteram..mmg betul, lebih baik bace al-quran, mmg lebih bile sedih, air mata akan mengalir laju dan susah utk berhenti.....wahai hati, tenanglah...semoga hati lebih tabah dan kembali tenang seperti selalu...

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