Thursday, January 21, 2010

25 random facts about farhanashafie

  1. I'm underweight OK= BMI 17.5!!!! kalo org tanye nape mkn byk gile tp bdn cmtu jugak..jwbnye "ade aku kisah..jeles la tu"
  2. I hate liars....
  3. sgt menyampah org yg suke ckp separuh jln (cth: eh, sebenarnye ade org ckp ko ni.....erm,xpela,len kali la aku bgtau) <-- nak kene sumpah jd sesumpah ke ape!!!
  4. will cry after scolding sumbody
  5. pendiam tp mulut laser <-- org yg ckp...
  6. I love sport... (sek rendah: hoki, perahu layar,netball sek men: perahu layar lagi, handball,softball,volleyball matrix: volleyball je universiti: volleyball lagi,futsal) long distance runner from primary school until now..
  7. I hardly trust anyone
  8. I totally hate hair dyes..done it once and regret it
  9. I will always regret after cutting my hair short
  10. can ride motorcycle but i don't have motor license (lesen L ade la...)
  11. is used to wear braces when i was 13 y/o
  12. went for umrah at the age of 13 --> ( hadiah UPSR 5A)
  13. has 5 siblings and i'm the second
  14. family called me "dikna" at home
  15. sy suke masak masakan melayu..masakan kmpung...suke juge try masak western food..
  16. pernah reject many boys during school time (say no to cinta monyet..hah poyo!)
  17. mahu belajar knitting and jahit baju <-- sgt perempuan ok!!!!
  18. can smell cockroach from distance..really hate that smelly insect
  19. loves baby!!!
  20. admire a well-rounded person...anyone????????
  21. have a group named TLC...and all of them is getting married except for the docs..girls, we know who we are..kan kan kan.
  22. is supposed to be in odessa, ukraine rite now doing final year medic...i miss my odessian..guys u're my family..u know who u are...
  23. currently doing medicine, year 4 in CUCMS <-- i'm grateful for this opportunity..alhamdulillah
  24. really hope that i will pass my MBBS on time with flying colours and hopefully I can be a safe doctor... (1 more year to go..caiyok!!!)
  25. is in a relationship with him for nearly 6 years...Oh Allah..blessed us forever..

p/s: i'm tagging all of u...sile buat 25 random facts about u guys k..


zara said...

aish malas tol nak buat... (-.-") buat kan kak paa?

beyl said...

yang number ntah bape tuh sy bole ajar...knitttiiinnngg!!! heheheheh

faRhaNA sHaFIe said...

zaara: sile...sile buat..nnt akak cek kat blog zaa

cib nab: iye..sile ajar, len kali singgah dpp bwk knitting set ok!

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