Thursday, September 23, 2010

pahit dan manis

salam and hi all...

tak tahula kenapa kebelakangan ni sering terbace entry2 yg berbaur kekecewaan
or, sy yg salah tafsirkan entry2 tersebut..
tapi rasenye pemahaman sy masih boleh dipercayai..

kepada rakan2 yg sedang dlm kekecewaan, atau baru sahaja pulih dari kecewa, atau menghampiri keadaan yg akan mengecewakan..

just have faith in urself..


kdg2 keadaan yg pahit itu, mungkin sementara..
hidup ni tak pernah lps dari ujian..
mungkin pahit yg dirasai sekarang adalah permulaan utk manis yg akan dikecapi kemudian..

sy juge tak lepas dari diuji..
kepahitan dlm menghadapi peperiksaan, hidup dan perhubungan..
tapi bukankah kite harus sentiasa bersikap positive
dgn hanya bersikap dan berfikiran positive
kewarasan akal akan memberikan kite peluang utk berfikir dan membuat keputusan secara bijaksana..

so, don't be sad dear friend..
it's ok to let the tears out for once
and then,
do keep on smiling everyday till no one realized the pain that u've going thru

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday

salam n hi all..

how come today is my birthday again...???
aahha, not me la..actually today is his birthday..
happy birthday dearie..

as he is still in DPA (Diploma Pengurusan Awam, kursus utk para PTD selama 6 bln, so we don't have the opportunity to celebrate it
today..jumpe pun tidak..ok! just some conversation tru fon and sms


me: "awk nak hadiah ape this year?"
him: "sy nak awk sentiasa senyum je"

me: *_* (blushing) "boleh, tp dgn syarat..awk xkn sakitkan hati sy la..then i'll smile till the day i die =)" betul2 la..awk nak hadiah ape??

him: " nnt sy ckp, awk msti xmampu nak beli"

me: "ahahaa..mmg pun...sure nk mintak yg mahal2, ribu2 la tuh"

him: " ok, sy just teringin nak makan bubur yg awk
masak hari tuh..sedap! tu je sy nak.."

me:" seriously tu je...ok! nnt weekend sy masak k.." (bahagianye bile ade org suke ape yg kite masak)


my wishes for you,

  • may you always have a good health
  • may you have a successful carrier and life with full of joy and happiness
  • may this year brings you more reasons to smile
  • may us be together forever live happily ever after

Monday, September 6, 2010

blame it on monday!


today we just had our grand reflection and pro-exam 2 briefing..


end up everybody went out from the audie with muke pasrah kene bebel..what a great day today!!!


p/s : let's cheer back our day with raya mood...forget about the academic session for a while..boleh ke??
jom main bunge api mlm ni!!!

iftar with besties


it was a great day yesterday to have a little moment with the dearest besties for the iftar

we barely seen each other since we're super duper busy with our own work, study, life, marriage ..however, we had so much fun spending this little time to chat more than eat our food in manhattan fish..end up i need to take away all those food..great! at least i have sumthing to eat for sahur..=)

2 of them are currently carrying another life in their womb..ela with her 5 months old baby cute..anne is currently with her 2 months old baby bump..soon i'll be the gorjes aunt..babies, can't wait to meet u!!

our non-stop borak2 is more about their pregnancy..sungguh excited ye korg cite pasal experience sickness korg..yan, as a consultant that nite..membebel what to do and what not to be done during the preggie time..yeah puan doctor..sile bebelkan kwn anda tersebut...and fadot wth her kelam kabut for the wedding preparation..artok, senyap je...

hope to meet u girls again for this raya..sile buat open house i can gain some more weight to compensa
te my weight loss during this ramadhan..wahh!! apekah!!! i don't even have enough weight to lose it!

pics =)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

nice day out


today, i'm so happy...
except the poor Delicious services at midvalley during iftar with

now, i'm so sleepy..
gudnite everyone!!

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