Thursday, June 30, 2011

for a friend whom i miss so much

sepimu tanpa bicara
tidak ku ketahui sejak bila dan mengapa
diammu dgn tiba-tiba
masihku tertanya apa silapnya

senda gurau gelak tawamu sentiasa di mata
hiba gembira yg pernah kita kongsi bersama
kini pudar ditelan masa
kenapa dibiar begitu sahaja

rajukmu jgn dibiar disimpan lama
walau ku buntu apa, siapa, dan dimana puncanya
berdiam itu bukan penyelesaiannya

kini ku tahu kau bahagia
menanti kehadiran sikecil pengikat cinta
tangan ku tadah mohon pada-Nya
moga kau sentiasa dalam rahmat kasih Nya

andai diri ini terlanjur bicara
kemaafan dipohon sekian kalinya
doa ku titipkan padaMu yg Esa
buatmu sahabat yg ku ingat sentiasa


to my friend Y, semoga perjalanan 3rd trimester dipermudahkan..hope ko ngn baby sentiasa sihat...can't wait to see ur little angle..

Friday, June 24, 2011

tgk sunset jom

tgk sunset kat mane???
takde la jauh sgt..dkt2 ngn my hometown je..

disebabkan Mr.SIZ kene gi outstation kt Pangkor, so dgn tak malunye sy pun balik la ke rumah jugak..padahal nk gune alasan nk suh kereta die angkut brg2 sy yg berkotak-kotak [ utk pengetahuan, sy skrg dlm operasi memindahkan brg2 setelah tamat belajar]..nak harapkan si comel putih savvy tuh mane muat nak angkut sekaligus, so mari ambil peluang nih..

lgpun, mmg kene balik jugak sbb nak amik roadtax..tak perasan selama ni dah ke hulu ke hilir ngn kereta tamat roadtax sejak april 2011..

ok, byk plak bebel...
die kene gi pangkor sbb kene bg ceramah, satu hari je pun..selesai urusan kerja, mr.siz lepak rumah sy..and petang tu kitrg gi tgk sunset sambil lepak2 minum tepi betul angin sepoi2 bahasa..

ni maybe minggu terakhir jumpe..pasni, i'm going home for good and start kerja..wuhuuu..tak sangke dah nak jd career woman dah..
pasni, entry pun cite pasal kerja je la..xde bunge bunge dlm hati ade taman la yo.

so, tggu je la jemputan dari kami ye nnt..masa dan ketika akan diberitahu..

Monday, June 20, 2011


Bubble tea syrup is unsafe

Two other products suspected to be contaminated by DEHP were Chuang's Square C
ookies the brown sugar, all-wheat, almond and sesame variants; and Natural Beauty Drink Powder and Natural Beauty Fruit and Vegetable Powder.
PETALING JAYA: A Taiwanese product commonly used in bubble tea drinks sold in the Klang Valley has been confirmed by the Health Ministry to be contaminated with the carcinogen diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP).
“The ministry has instructed the companies concerned to recall their products immediately while samples have been taken for analysis. All retailers have also been advised to halt sales of the food products with imme-diate effect.
Customers who have bought the items are advised not to consume them,” Liow said.
The manufacturers for the products were Chuang's King Tai Chang Food Co Ltd and Prince Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, while the importers areSyarikat Nguan Seng (1990) Sdn Bhd and Billion Synergy Sdn Bhd.

Liow also said that another 15 food products from Taiwan had been tested and found to be free of contamination, including New Choice Pudding, Lychee Syrup, Honey Peach Syrup and Black Tea imported by Elegant Solution Trading.
Other products free from contamination include Power Bifidus Yogurt Drink, Kinohimitsu JapanD'tox Juice and eight Cosway Oriyen products.
Other food products found not contaminated include Singlong Ho Egg Noodle, Sun Chi Song Hua Ban Noodles, White Jade Noodle and MIC's Taiwan Lemon Wafer.
In a statement, Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the product had been identified as the “Strawberry Syrup” manufactured byT & M Resources Corporation and imported by Elegant Solution Trading.
selamat tinggal sayang!!! ='(


date: 18 th June 2011

such a long tiring day but really valuable and enjoyable..
as early as 9.30 a.m (xdela awal sgt..) went to JB for Mr. SIZ's friend wedding.. gi satu kereta with his friend..gasakla bersempit 5 org satu kereta..nasib xkene saman..

tak best betul JB ni..xde ape yg menarik..penat je drive jauh2..nasib baik lauk kenduri sedap, so xde la rase rugi ke ape =) (sorry la, kalau ade sesape org JB yg org2 JB sendiri ckp kat sy JB xde ape2)
after kenduri, kitrg lepak jap minum kat restoran singgah selalu..then gi beli frozen otak-otak..murah beb, 50 keping RM 13 je..kalau kat kedai-kedai makan, mau nye sampai 70sen sekeping, kalau 50 keping korg makan, pergh RM 35 sesaje utk otak-otak..yes! save duit sy 22 ringgit..nnt hari-hari leh mkn otak-otak

around 5 p.m kitrg gerak balik ke KL..sampai ngam2 dah magrib..abis la..bape laju die bwk..nasibla ye awk kalau saman berderet nnt =)

then, after magrib, went off to KL to sheriman's house..owh, man ni my grupmate since semester 9 lagi..kepale otak gile sket budak ni..aahahaa
terbaikla bro, makanan kat rumah ko mmg best..nasi berlauk, kambing golek, salads, desserts, pergh..mmg pecah perut la..
tetibe sedey plak rase.ntah bile la dpt gather ramai2 satu batch lagi


date: 19 th June 2011

hari ni hari ahad..makan2 kali ni kat rumah kambing jugak!
nasi arab from sabaa'..mmg terbaikla mkn reramai dlm dulang..tak ingt dah bile last sy makan cmni..dulu kat kg selalu la skrg no more..

both makan2 kan rumah hanan n sheriman ni adalah jamuan kesyukuran sempena all of us dah tamat pengajian..tq for inviting me and friends..len kali bleh jamu2 lagi =)

okayla, nk tido sbb perut dah kenyang

Saturday, June 11, 2011


i think i would be allowed to be manic for this whole week!

ALHAMDULILLAH...praise be to ALLAH..
what more could i is one of the happiest day of my life.
after a long journey i've been through, so many ups and downs..happiness and tears..finally...

to hear my name being called..
Siti Nor Farhana -Passed!!!!
that was the moment i've waited for a long time..
subhanallah, i'm blessed today..

the journey will not stop here..
medical school has ended..but there comes responsibilities..

May Allah blessed this journey for me to serve humanity and benefit the ummah and continue to nurture the passion to care..

a million thanks to my parents and family,dedicated lecturers, helpful batchmates, and friends who never fail to guide and support me through this beautiful long never ended journey for where i am today..

may i be a reliable, sensible and noble

Friday, June 10, 2011

today is the day!!

my final pro-exam3 has finished yesterday..

and yes!
today [FRIDAY] is the day..
result will be announced soon..perhaps before 6 p.m today (another 5hrs to wait)

dear friends, readers..
plz pray for my success..

[penantian itu satu penyiksaan]

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

sikit je lagi


tiada kata yang lebih hebat mampu sy ucapkan..

today is my first long case MBBS final exam (exam final utk medical student)
utk yg tak tahu, during long case exam, we will have 1 hour with patient and 30 minutes with 2 examiners..

for my first long case today, alhamdullillah, doa saye diperkenankan.. (saya terselamat daripada dapat patient with case2 yg sy taknak!!)i'm grateful to have such a nice,kind, cooperative and very knowledgeable about his disease..

ok, biar saye summarize..

a 30 y/o M gentleman with strong fmHx of colon ca, presented for exam purposed. hx dates back 5 months ago when he first presented with blood in stool. it is painless blood mixed with stool. small in amount, no clot, no mucus, not precipitated by straining.
no other hx significant (no abd pain, no distension, no altered bowel habit, no tenesmus, no fecal matter during urination, no constitutional symptom)..have strong family hx of colon ca, dad dx at age 50, cousin and auntie died at young age due to colon ca. other risk factor, he is a smoker. no hx of chrons dz, no ulcerative colitis.
went to Kajang Hosp and colonoscopy done shows 2 polyp at ascending and descending colon. then, requested to continue further mx in hosp serdang. here, few colonoscopy done due to suspicious HPE result. polypectomy done in march and HPE shows malignant type. in April, he had done total colectomy and CT scan also done shows Duke Stage A. so, post operatively was non eventful. only complaint of increase bowel motion (5x daily with watery stool).otherwise, he lives his daily life as normal as usual.
currently have followup with serdang. plan for colonoscopy every 6 months.
on examination, nothing much except there is evidence of well healed laparotomy scar which is mild tender to palpation. other examination (lung, liver, bone, lymphnode) was unremarkable. patient refuse for per rectal exm.

so, the question asked by the examiner is basically retrospectively. here are some quest yg i still remember and answer yg i bagi

1) why he had several colonoscopy in the same hosp --> i said due to suspicious HPE finding initially
2) what are the risk factor of colon ca in this patient --> family hx and smoking je!!
3) what are the risk factor do u know of --> smoking, alcohol,diet..ermm
4) then examiner ask what kind of diet do u mean --> instead of saying grilled type of food, tetibe je sy jawab BBQ! hahahaha, pastu prof tanye KFC tak ke..=)))))
5) what other disease may lead to colon ca --> ulcerative colitis, chrons disease
6) then he ask if let say u have decided to plan for surgery, what other investigation u need to do..
--> i said CT scan for staging, tumor marker CEA, pre-op investigtion
7) does CEA will help u in confirm the diagnosis --> NO! it is not is mainly for post-op screening for any recurrence
8) if let say patient have lesion in right colon, what surgery u plan for --> right hemicolectomy
9) if at the rectum --> i said it depends..see how long from the anal verge --> consider APR or anterior ressection
10) before op, what do u want to do --> make sure patient is healthy/fit for operation,advice to take low fibre diet, gives bowel prep, keep NBM and pre-op ix.

then, the external examiner asked..
1) if let say post-op day 5, patient suddenly complaint of calf pain and swelling, what is ur ddx --> DVT, lympatic obstruction, cellulitis
2) what is ur ix --> coag profile, D-dimer, chest x-ray for PE (but the examiner said rarely can see in x-ray)
3) what other ix to look for PE --> i was errrmmm.. (lupe gile!) then examiner said have u heard about V/Q perfussion scan??? (oh sy penah dgr tp lupe and i smile =)
4) what is ur principle mx --> i said early mobilization, reduce weight if obese, stop smoking, TED stocking..
but the examiner said reduce weight and stop smoking will take longer what other thing u wanna give..
--> then i said heparin
5) what type of heparin do u know --> 2 type low molecular weight and unfractionated heparin...
6) what is the difference --> LMWheparin didn't require monitoring, less side effect..
7)anything u wanna do--> i was errmmmm....i'm not sure...
then the examiner said, do u want to rehydrate patient...??? (i just said, yeah i will to prevent coagulable state)
8) then he asked, do u think this patient ade hypercoagulable state --> i just said i think he does not have it..

then prof shaker tanye balik..

9) what type of family hx this patient might have --> i said FAP and HNPCC
10) what other ddx if young patient came with bloody stool --> i said hemorrhoids, polyp, anal fissure
11) what other presentation patient may come if ade colon ca --> then i just repeat back all the negative sx dlm hx td (tenesmus, abd pain, abd mass, symp of bowel obstruction, LOA, LOW bla bla bla....goreng!)

i think that's all la..the examiner was so nice and calm..Alhamdulillah again..!

another 2 exam to go nextweek! OSCE and medical based long case...
doakan sy dan rakan-rakan lulus cemerlang ye...
bittaufiq wannajah...insyaallah!

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