Sunday, September 25, 2011

new chapter begin


lama betul dah blog ni menyepikan diri..
setelah sekian lama sy bercuti semenjak tamat belajar pada june 2011, now i'll begin my new chapter of life

org kata belaja medic lama...but once u start working, the cycle begin as in ur first time studying medicine, the learning process is everyday..non-stop!

i've juz finished my induction course last week and i juz started my 1st day of working today..

dear friends and readers (if i've any)..
plz pray for my journey and hopefully i can be a great muslim doctor for our nation..
I pray to Allah to grant me a successful life ahead and let me be istiqamah and be a passionate doc..aaaminnn..

to my dear cucms doc's,
we have been together for 5 years and we have made it..
it's our time to shine and let's do this once again!

hope to see u guys again in December...will miss u all!!!


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