Monday, December 26, 2011

i am blessed on 25th december 2011

it's been while i am in silent mode..blame the crazy HO job..
ok enuf about work

2011 has been a great year for me..
i pass my MBBS (aft 7 years of hardship)
i am a carrier woman now..
i'm engaged!! (aft 7 years in a relationship!!)
what a coincidence..
everything is about num 7..
maybe my lucky num is 7..i should have 7 kids then after married..ahahaa

is a great feeling now..subhanallah..
i wonder how's the feeling soon after nikah..
i pray to Allah that our relationship always been blessed
and may He guides us throughout this "critical" phase of relationship..
org tua-tua kata bertunang ni banyak dugaan nye...maklum la masing2 darah tgh manis..wonder how the blood taste? hurm..

semoga ikatan pertunangan ni berakhir dengan ikatan yg sah insyaAllah next year..
moga kalian semua mendoakan perhubungan kami...


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