Friday, January 13, 2012

all about life


lame dah rasenye tak update story
life's has been so buzy lately..
kerja..kerja..kerja..same routine with different working hour
such a tiring!!!

wake up as early as 5.30 am (mungkin ade yg bgn lg awl)..reach ward at 6.30 or plg lewat pun 6.45.. then do all blood taking..morning matter how much patient i cover everyday (depends on how many admission the day before..kalau jonah so penuh la ward), my morning round should finished b4 MO sampai..then round with MO while waiting for specialist round which usually started at 9 a.m..

then..specialist round selalunye habis around 11.30 am ( ni pun depends dgn bilanagan pt in ward..kalau ramai, habis lambatla..after round, then need to carry out all new plan..trace all investigation la, gi merayu for scan/ultrasound kat radiologist la..assist procedure ape yg patut..buat discharge for pt yg bleh kuar ward..tup tup je dh pukul 2 p.m or 3 p.m...alamak..tak breakfast lg..lunch pun mcm dah tak sempat..nak kene buat p.m review plak nih..hurm..then after p.m round tgk2 dah nak dekat pukul 5..

yeay dah bleh balik!! hey ko ingt ko keje gomen, suke2 je bleh tinggal keje mcm kat ofis then esok dtg sambung balik..sorry la beb, selagi keje ko xsettle, mimpi la nak blk sharp pukul 5...keje lebih mase bukan leh dpt claim overtime ikhlas kan hati ye kawan2..pesanan utk diri sendiri jugak..kalau tak mau gila nnt stress..

i'm currently in medical posting (hectic ever..)lain hosp lain shift system in my place we have 3 ni bukan shift pagi ptg or mlm shift mcm ko keje like hidup utk keje je kot..baik xyh wat shift!!!

1) normal shift: 7a.m- 5p.m + ambulance call (yg tak menentu masa!)

2) stay back shift: 7 a.m - 9 p.m

3) night/oncall shift: 4 p.m (rest 4p.m-8p.m) then cont 8p.m till next day 1 p.m (kire sendiri la bape jam!)

* u can't go back if u haven't settle ur work*

tu la cycle harian kerja sy..kalau hari ni normal shift + ambulance call, the next day kene stayback, then following day oncall then off satu hari..

setakat ni dah 2 kali kene ambulance call at 12 midnite sending patient for CT scan kat hosp Ipoh..then reach home pukul 4..30 pagi then kol 6 pg dah gi ward for stayback shift plak sampai kol 9 mlm..gile kau keje straight pstu weng je otak sbb xcukup tido..

we have no weekend, no public holiday, no cuti festival k..our weekend, public holiday or festival hols is during our off day yg satu hari tu nak extra cuti kenela apply ye..

so that is my daily org2 yg suke kutuk gomen hosp ke, kutuk doc kat gomen hosp ke..plz stop it! korg tak keje so korg tak rase..setakat tak makan the whole one day tu biasa la..apela sgt kan..nk kencing or poo poo pun kdg2 tak sempat..(sumpah tak lawak tp kenyataan)..plg sedih and depress sbb solat pun kdg2 berlubang2.. tu tak campur kene marah ngn superior, ngn patient, ngn SN..tabah jela kan..

lg stress kalau keje ngn SN yg pemalas and tau nak mengumpat, membebel and bergossip je..sgtla menjengkelkan!

what ever it is, lg 2 mggu nak abis dah medical posting ni..learn a lot even tak byk procedure dpt buat..takpela, bukan nak jd MO medical pun..ahaha..looking forward for new posting..hope less hectic (jgn harapla!!!)and more interesting..

if others can have a smooth sailing journey for HO do I !! well, let's pray that life will be much easier each day and i'll be istiqamah, patient and sincere towards my profession..insyaAllah..

p/s: for those who's really passionate to be a doc, think twice!! (i'm not meant to demotivate anyone..but it's the truth!)


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